Athletic Policy

This updated policy will raise the standards for student-athletes at Hampden Charter School of Science, while not eliminating opportunities for students to participate and benefit from the values of educational athletics. The implementation of these new policies will better prepare our student-athletes for their post-graduate futures. The new practices that will be in place offer the appropriate academic support to justify these increased standards that our student-athletes will be held to.

I. Eligibility

Student must have a passing score in all core subjects and PE in the previous marking period.
Student must have at least 2.3 GPA.
Student shouldn’t receive more than 10 demerit points in a quarter.
Students shouldn’t be sent to ASR more than 5 times within a quarter.
Students shouldn’t receive a ISS(In-School Suspension) or OSS(Out of School Suspension)
Students should show proficiency or at least “Typical Growth” on MCAS to be eligible for the next school year.

II. Academic expectations during the season

Student must participate in the Athletic Study Hall and follow the guidelines explained below.
Student must meet all the academic criteria on Academic Checkpoints
Student must meet all the disciplinary requirements on Academic Checkpoints

III. Athletic Study Hall

All student-athletes will be placed in a study hall monitored by the Athletic Director.

Students are required to actively participate in out-of-class assignments in their study hall. This will be no different for the student-athlete study hall. However, each individual student in this study hall will be vigilantly and actively monitored by the Athletic Director or coach in charge of the study hall.
Students who the athletic director (or staff in charge of study hall) deems was not following study hall guidelines will not be allowed to participate in that day’s activity (contest or practice). If there is no scheduled activity that day, the punishment will carry over to the next activity.
This will be a requirement of senior student-athletes as well.
Any team who less than 2.7 GPA in average has based on their previous marking period grades, will have extended study hall.

IV. Academic Checkpoints

Final marking period grades will determine a student’s eligibility for the next marking period.

V. Disciplinary Requirements

At the end of each quarter, discipline points will be checked. At an academic checkpoint if a student is above 10 discipline points, sent to ASR more than 5 times, or receive ISS/OSS, he/she will be in probation.