Order uniform shirts here: Blake’s School Uniforms: (413-782-4123), 1205 Parker Street, Springfield, MA 01129 Web:  https://www.blakesschooluniform.com/c-425-hampden-charter-school-of-science.aspx  (not compatible with Safari) You can visit the store on Parker St. without an appointment.


Allen’s Uniforms Phone: (508) 853-1993 (Please call them before you go the store which is located in Worcester, MA) 452 West Boylston St.(Route 12) Worcester, MA 01606

Web: http://allensuniforms.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=372


YNK Store Phone: (862) 225-9938 Email: info@ynkstore.com Web: https://ynkstore.com/

Enter passcode for HCSS: hcss22

Uniform Top

•     MIDDLE SCHOOL: NAVY polo shirts with HCSS logo, short/long sleeves

•     HIGH SCHOOL: BURGUNDY polo shirts with HCSS logo, short/long sleeves

•     Shirt should be in good condition and free from holes and tears

•     HCSS students MUST tuck in their shirts as this is a professional look

•     ONLY HCSS uniform sweaters or fleece jackets are permitted to be worn.  No other sweaters are permitted and HCSS collared uniform shirts must be worn underneath the sweater/jacket.

Remember when purchasing uniforms to allow for “growth spurts.” Uniform Pants

Tan/Navy/Khaki pants

–     Must fit properly

–     May not be baggy

–     May not sag

–     May not have a low waist

Not permitted

●    No clothing that is anatomically revealing or overtly oversized.

●    No jackets, sweatshirts, or sweaters worn around the waist.

●    No shorts

●    Skirts are only permitted per religious beliefs and must cover the knee.

●    No capri style pants.

●    No pedal pushers.

●    No denim.

●    No skinny pants or tight pants.

●    No hoods.

●    Non HCSS Coats in the classroom

●    No grooming in the classroom

●    No spraying cologne or perfume in hallways (they will be confiscated)


●    Shoes: Lace-up shoes or loafers (closed toe, closed heel), and athletic shoes are permitted.

●    No slides, sandals, slippers, flip flops, high heels, crocs or mules.

●    No open toes/heels.

●    All shoes should have backs on the shoe for safety and always remain tied. PE Uniforms

●    T-shirts or sweatshirts (no hoods)

●    Sweatpants/ long shorts

●    Purchasing school official PE uniform is not required

Accessories– Students should not wear jewelry that is potentially dangerous in the school environment. Students are not to wear jewelry during physical education classes, as doing so is potentially harmful to the student and other classmates.

All Students are prohibited from dressing in a way that causes a disruption or disorder in the school, and school dress shall be consistent with reasonable standards of health, safety, and cleanliness. Any student who attends school wearing sunglasses, wallets with long chains, hats, scarves (unless for religious reasons), caps or bandanas will be asked to remove these accessories. Certain items not listed may be asked to be removed at the discretion of administration

*Those that require a religious or medical excuse from dress code may be asked to submit a letter to administration and/or the school nurse

Dress Code on Dress Down Days: All dress code rules apply to dress down days with the exception of not wearing school uniforms. Garments will be free of holes, tears, inappropriate language, logos, messages or advertising. No hooded shirts or hooded sweatshirts, sleeveless or straps, skirts or dresses (unless otherwise noted), or shorts (unless otherwise noted). Proper footwear must always be worn.

– School appropriate T-Shirt

– School appropriate pants and footwear

– Athletics Teams and Clubs can wear group shirt only on day of event

Parents will be called to pick up a child or assist in rectifying the issue if students violate the dress code.