Calculus Projects

Calling all math enthusiasts! Check out our incredible calculus students’ creativity in volume modeling projects using Revolution, cross-section,or shell method!🌟✏️

🎨💡 Our talented students used various materials and digital tools like Desmos,Geogebra, TinkerCad,SketchUp to bring their three-dimensional sculptures to life. With precision and creativity, they selected functions, and transformed abstract concepts into tangible artwork. They harnessed the power of 3D modeling software to visualize and refine their designs, ensuring accuracy and attention to detail. 🌍💻

🌟💡 Calculus came alive as students not only calculated the volumes of their sculptures but also bridged the gap between theory and practice. These projects showcased the real-world applications of calculus in fields like architecture, engineering, physics, and art. Let’s celebrate their creativity and ingenuity!

Click here for pictures

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