High school and middle school Robotics Club, alongside the Math Counts team, ventured into a world of innovation and learning during their Fall Camp. Nestled in the serene forests by the Hudson River, students from both clubs engaged in a hands-on experience, building and programming robots for upcoming competitions under the guidance of Mrs. Injeti for the high school teams and Mr. Yildiz and Mr. Padios for the middle school teams.

The camp wasn’t all work; there was plenty of play too. Students enjoyed meals, relishing breakfast, lunch, and dinner together, which fostered camaraderie. The evenings were aglow with campfires, where Mr. Padios’s ukulele melodies and singing brought warmth to the starry nights. Hiking around the picturesque woodlands offered a refreshing break and a chance to connect with nature.

The Math Counts participants, with Mrs. Magnon’s coordination, dove into complex math problems, sharpening their skills and expanding their knowledge in preparation for their contests.

Organized by the dedicated Mr. Demirhan, the camp was a perfect blend of education, teamwork, and fun, leaving students invigorated and inspired as they look forward to their competitions.

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