Local Students Impress Sharks with Innovative GMO Designs

Students at HCSS East recently showcased their creativity and ingenuity in a special project on genetically modified organisms (GMOs). As part of the assignment, students worked in teams to design new GMOs that meet a global need and presented their ideas to a panel of “Shark Tank” style judges.

The judges, including Mrs. Menton, Mrs. Cross, and Mr. Sheridan, were impressed by the students’ sales pitches and critical thinking skills. They evaluated each group’s GMO design, teamwork, and response to questions based on a rubric provided by the teacher, Mr. Demirhan.

After a series of 90-second to 3-minute sales pitches and a Q&A session, the judges selected the winning team, which consisted of Khalil Verdejo, Darien Santiago, and Alexander Dupont. Their innovative GMO product addressed a pressing global need and demonstrated strong collaboration and communication skills.

“I am proud of all the students who participated in this project,” said Mr. Demirhan. “They demonstrated a deep understanding of genetic engineering, entrepreneurship, and global challenges, and presented their ideas with confidence and passion. I also want to thank our guest judges for their time and expertise in supporting our students’ learning.”

The winning team received extra credit and recognition for their outstanding work, but all the participants gained valuable experience in research, innovation, and communication. They also learned about the ethical and social implications of GMOs and how to address real-world problems with science and technology.

Congratulations to all the students who participated in this project, and we look forward to seeing more of their creative ideas in the future.

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