Master Building and Programming in VEX Robotics Project

Students at HCSS-East have demonstrated their technical proficiency and collaborative abilities through an exciting VEX Robotics project. Working in pairs, they successfully built and programmed sumo robots using the VEX Robotics kit, showcasing their skills in construction and programming.

Under the guidance of their instructor, the students meticulously constructed sturdy and functional robot chassis, documenting each step with clear pictures. From assembling the components to fine-tuning the design, the portfolios showcase the detailed building process, allowing viewers to follow along and understand the students’ methodologies.

Equally impressive is the programming aspect, where the students utilized VEXcode programming software to control their robots’ movements. The portfolios provide a visual journey through the programming process, highlighting the students’ ability to code and command their robots with precision.

The portfolios serve as a comprehensive guide, presenting a step-by-step documentation of the building and programming processes. The students’ captions and annotations offer valuable insights into their decision-making, problem-solving strategies, and the technical aspects of their projects.

In addition to the technical aspects, the portfolios include a reflection section where the students share their thoughts and insights. They discuss the challenges they encountered during the project and how they overcame them, demonstrating resilience and adaptability. Moreover, they provide thoughtful analyses of their experiences, discussing what they learned and how the project relates to real-world applications.

Through this VEX Robotics project, HCSS-East students have honed their technical skills, developed their problem-solving abilities, and fostered effective collaboration. They have gained hands-on experience in building and programming, equipping them with essential skills for the future.

To explore the remarkable building and programming skills of HCSS-East students in their VEX Robotics project, visit the students’ website.

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